The Indian organic food industry is growing at a tremendous rate. The country exported organic food products more than $500 million in the year 2017-2018, up by 39 per cent from the previous year. Considering the current market size, yes, the growth is humongous. The nation supports more than 10 million organic farmers – making us the largest in the world. Surely that’s a number the globe cannot ignore. Today we are counted among top 10 countries with maximum organic land, ranking third in the wild collection. The sector is booming, the global demand for Indian organic food products is on a constant increase. The country is exporting tonnes of organic oils seeds, cereals and millets, sugar, fruit juice concentrates, tea, spices, pulses, dry fruits, medicinal plant products etc. every year. The domestic market might be at a nascent stage, but India makes for one of the biggest suppliers of organic to the markets in the world. The Indian organic rice ranks second when it comes to exports to Europe. Nature Bio Foods comprises 59 per cent of the total organic basmati and 77 per cent of the total organic non-basmati rice exports to the world. And all of this has been supported by our more than 60,000 farming families. With the continuing demand, it wouldn’t be unfair to foresee days when the Indian organic industry is ruling. Is a leader in the ingredient space important for future-proofing growth in the industry Definitely. For years to come, it will play a vital role. The increasing numbers and the growing demand for organic food is what will drive our businesses too. Our leadership and exponential growth aren’t only about numbers. A lot goes behind achieving these numbers.


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