Sustainability is the most important part of our business model at Nature Bio Foods



Protecting the environment is not a burden or obligation to us because our brand has always encompassed the ethical framework surrounding sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Consumers not only want healthy foods they can trust, but they also want to understand where it is coming from and how it was made. This new standard combines two of the food industry’s most influential shifts: clean labels and transparency. It is their right to know the social and environmental impacts of any given business within the supply chain. We’re proud to represent a company that gives meaning and relevance to these responsibilities.

Take a look at where we are today in our assessment and where we are striving for advancement in our approach to Sustainable Products, Supply Chains, and Operations at Nature Bio Foods.

Fair Farming

Fair Farming

Fair Farming Foundation project.

Fair Farming Foundation and Farming best practices are followed.

The content about the fair farming project is under development and will be updated soon. Please use the contact us page to reach us immediately if you need any information.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We actively work on various social projects to help the farming families.

Stories of Change through our CSR Activities

Our stories of change will tell you some inspiring stories on how our efforts transformed the lives of communities we are engaged with.

Featured Farmers

Featured Farmers

We periodically try to highlight featured farmers and share your story with them.

Meet our Featured farmers and read their soulful stories.

We are expanding our reach with a systematic planning approach for touching hearts across India and bringing our Featured Farmers to the fore front.

We realize every step we make takes a toll on our planet.

NBF has made a commitment to implementing sustainable practices and we invite you to explore our approach to manufacturing sustainable products, accountability across our entire supply chain, and changes to improve our day to day operations.