Nature Bio-Foods is pioneer in organic business in India & well recognized worldwide for its long years of remarkable performances, quality products and trust worthiness.                

Twenty years back a step was taken to ensure quality and purity in the food products by NBF. The main agenda was to grow but naturally without compromising what was necessary to save, the environment. The organic thought of taking the company to a different height was envisioned along with it was a vision to be the leading company in agro products taking responsibility of socio, economical and environmental soundness.

Like any there company besides the vision we came along with a mission. We didnt want to be part of the conversations, discussing the state of the impurities in your daily life in terms of food we eat, the air we breath or health we had resorted to. We wanted to bring about a change, a change which was challenging to start with but definitely not unattainable. Our mission is to deliver” pure and healthy” quality products to the global consumers by following environmentally safe production techniques and using agri ingredients that secures the socio-economic development of all involved.

It has been an amazing journey since 1997. There is so much that has been achieved and much that is yet to be accomplished. We have made our presence in 14 states who are organically charged and the credit lies with 320 company workers who bridge the gap between farmers and organic techniques and around 82200 farmers who are helping us raise our vision and mission. To facilitate the operations and avoid any ‘slip between the cup and the lip’ we have 183 organic farming groups in India who run the operations smoothly.

Besides rice we are extensively gaining expertise on baby food products, soybean, linseed,lentils and nuts which are essentially on out export list. We believe in international guild so slowly we are spreading our wings to r4each far and wide. For now we are catering to Germany, Holland,italy,france, Austria, USA, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Israel to name a few.

The trust must be earned . So thanks to all those monitoring system and certifications, we have nothing ti hide. In fact we take pride in that we are an amalgamation of quality and largest integrated organic food chain. We as a company believe in spreading a positive notion by sharing the story of organic agriculture and food production with the attempt of kindling hope of instilling faith that “compromising “is of the past. We believe in organic and want to request the same for you going forward, as this is beneficial for health and environment. Organic is synonym to natural, hence purity.

We are very passionate about what we do and we hope this kindles the same fire across the world to make it a better place.