NBF understands the standards set by various certifying agencies. To earn these certifications a company passes through a heavily scrutinized process. Till the end product the authenticity at each step can be traced. From farm to fork it falls under organic traceability.

This also helps to assure the countries importing from us, that the quality requirements are being maintained at every level of supply chain, we at NBFL take initiatives to set up traceability mechanism in our organic products, as this farming practice is gaining more and more importance due to the growing awareness in the international market, especially in the major markets of developed countries. It helps to establish clear linkages between the stake-holders through ‘farm-to-fork’ monitoring to ensure implementation of appropriate pre-harvest & post-harvest practices, processing and ensuring quality & food safety. Not to mention the packaging and storing of the product.

The trace is maintained to keep the quality in check by using it to access systems, anywhere, anytime, by all authorized stakeholders. The traceability ensures compliance standards as no document can be issued without going through the traceability software and the inbuilt checks in the system to make sure that the succeeding step can be carried out only of the preceding steps were successfully complied with. The result of every activity in the system is recorded and made available for next user in the supply chain, resulting in complete transparency.Faster clearance as the system virtually reduces duplication in data capturing and enables instant reference of previous steps in the supply chain.

The traceability helps ascertain the quality check maintained at every step and level at NBFL. Our various prestigious certificates help us prove our transparency all through our processes.