Our Philosophy

We wake up every single day striving to make the decisions that our community & our valued partners will be proud of. We ensure our own success by prioritizing long-term relationships with our farmer members & valued partners. While we always aim for success, we equally recognize the importance of the world around us.

The philosophy behind our success in the organic industry has been the same since the day we started. For us, the most important aspect is to hold the chain “from farm to fork” intact, by preserving the relationships through trust , honesty and integrity.

In 1993, we came to an indisputable conclusion that there is a much need to deliver pure & healthy organic products to the world of consumers & while securing the socio economic development of the farming families involved. We became very passionate about this intention, which converted into our purpose. Today, 25 years later that purpose has furthered more into a mission. A mission where we have 75000 farming families under our organic ambit. We are deeply touching the lives of these families to evolve and elevate their state of being. Its a great sense of pride in being able to achieve our mission slowly and to envisage our accomplished vision.

Our Mission

Global leaders in delivering authentic organic ingredients to the world of consumers by practicing sustainable techniques of supply and production that secure a growing future for all the members.

Our Vision

To lead the organic ingredient supply chain with a strong focus on Sustainability and Finest Processing Output.