Changing the lives of over   75,000   individual Farming Families through Fair & Sustainable Agri-Business.                        

If you ATE today, THANK a farmer. Simple words but very powerful meaning and an undebatable truth. We usually forget to think about the source or the origin of any circumspect or outcome. It is an enormous aspect of our being that we have someone amongst us who “gives” and does so selflessly. Our existence courtesy the unsung heroes, our farmers!

The history of agriculture in India goes back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The basics of agriculture commenced from then on and today India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Agriculture in India means diverse food products. India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, the worlds major food staples, India is the worlds second largest producer of dry fruits, sugarcane and numerous vegetables. To be positioned as the best we need to remember and appreciate the known but unacknowledged reasons of why we are at the top.That is because of our farmers and their undying efforts.

Having said that there is one very important factor that needs highlighting is the community of farmers without which productivity would never elevate from a certain level. We at NBF make sure we keep them at priority. If there were no farmers the league was to diminish the human race would have suffered a lot.

NBF makes sure to keep the farmers well looked after by contributing towards their up-liftment and progress. Before we talk about a produce or the quality of the product we ensure that the said farmers lead a quality life. There welfare is under scrutiny at all times at NBF. Their families are looked after like our own. Health and education of the farmers and their families given high priority.

They work hard and break a sweat while working on the fields and we ensure that the outcome/ produce is well appreciated. They work their magic on the produce and we take it off their hands, respectfully and bridge the gap between them and a fair price. All at their doorstep, without hassling them with a transportation cost or looking for a right buyer.

NBF understands the importance of these farmers and their contribution towards the progress of the mankind. We have taken responsibility of about 75000 farmers and still counting. We dedicate ourselves to their well being and are passionate about encouraging them and making our future a better tomorrow.