Farming in the eastern UP in the Bahraich district typically relies on rainfall or groundwater to flood-irrigate the fields throughout the season. But an uneven field makes for inefficient use of water and increases the energy required to bring it to the surface. To minimize this inefficiency, farmers traditionally level their plots using rudimentary tools, such as a wooden beam dragged behind a tractor which we found was not as effective.

Laser levelling technology was adopted to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation and improve crop uniformity and growth, thereby increasing yield. These benefits may endure for several years before re-levelling is required, depending on the soil type and on cultivation and harvesting practices.

Under the SPOFT Project (Sustainable Production of Organic & Fair Trade Rice), Nature Bio Foods implemented land laser leveling (LLL) project in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh covering farmers associated under Fair Trade program. The project is estimated to cover a total of 1637 Acres of land and 928 beneficiaries.

Land laser levelling (LLL) generates ecological benefits by reducing groundwater depletion, runoff chemical inputs, consumption of diesel fuel, and the corresponding release of greenhouse gases. These benefits, combined with benefits to individual farmers, imply that LLL could broadly contribute in improving social welfare.

‘Fostering the Triple E: Yet Another

Nature Bio Foods organized its fourth round of townhall of the year on 12th August, 2019 at its Kamaspur unit, Sonepat. Entire workforce including the directors participated in the same encouraging an open dialogue among its employees and senior management to address various issues and connecting all over the common organizational goals. Empowerment, Education and Engagement form the underlying principles of such townhalls – jointly called as Triple E.

Opening New Doors at

The organization has been well prepping itself for its new expansion plans in organic oil seed plant at Mandideep, Bhopal owing to increased oil seed exports from India.

Ecopure Specialties, strategically located in the industrial area of Mandideep enjoys around the year availability of organic soybean seed and dry port facility for exports at Madhya Pradesh. Spread over an area of 20,000 sq. mtrs it commits to end-product quality, low maintenance and high durability, the plant is equipped with metal detectors at various stages of processing for food safety. CCP’s (Critical control points) are monitored through highly sensitive online detection systems. The plant shall be fully operational by this year-end.

EAST 2019

Organic Rice protein and Rice syrup:

the new bees in the product kitty.

Last month recorded entry of new products in the kitty – Organic rice protein and organic rice syrup. The demand of the two has been increasing in the international market. The organization has been investing in its research and development projects to support new entry of such products.

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