NBF Inc. strengthens Organic supply chain from Africa & Argentina

NBF embarked on an unprecedented: strengthening its organic supply chain by securing Organic Soybean from Africa and Argentina. The move will address the Company’s geographic extension and growing prosperity in the region. 










In May 2021, NBF Inc. added new fragments to its existing global supply chain of Organic Soybean from Togo, a country in the west of Africa. The material was imported through the port of Baltimore to the customers in the United States. Nature Bio Foods’ team has been rigorously working to develop a robust supply chain from the LDC countries of Africa to promote agricultural activities in the nation. These activities are shouldered by providing employment to local community and sharing knowledge through the regular activities from their agronomists and field champions.

Nature Bio Foods has sown its seeds in Uganda & Togo to promote these activities and have taken a step forward to fulfill their mission of developing a global footprint and establishing their reach in all the virgin lands on the globe and to all consumers, worldwide.










In parallel, Nature Bio Foods has taken a step forward and have extended their reach to South America. NBF Inc. has strengthened ties with Organic Soybean producers from Argentina and has been sourcing this to customers in US. Besides, the Company is honing developing numerous valuable partnerships in the continent to promote the finest quality products of South American agriculture.

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