Social Responsibility by NBF

When it comes to Social Responsibility, NBF is persistently ahead. NBF is ever enthusiastic about building back society through environmentally safe ways as well create value addition for the needy.

Distributing clean and safe drinking water

This time, NBF has worked to cover over 15000 beneficiaries in the remote villages of Uttar Pradesh for providing access to safe and clean drinking water. They have installed household water filters, community water filters, and water filters at school in more than 25 villages in UP. They have also tied up with three organizations to deliver safe and clean drinking water at the village centers to cover the maximum population. All the filters are installed on approval from the Ministry of Clean Drinking Water.

So far, they have completed the distribution and installation of over 2000 water filters for village households. One water filter provides water to at least 5 to 6 members of the family. They are in progress to complete distribution and installation at school and community filters. They have delivered seven filters to the school and eight filters to the community as a means of relief to the villagers.

Solar street light project

Solar projects have a direct impact on the environment for providing green and sustainable electricity. In an endeavor to administer safe and environment-friendly clean power, they have installed solar street lights in very remote villages and forest areas of Uttarakhand in Corbett National Park. They have covered around 50 villages by installing over 500 solar street lights in the secluded areas. Since these areas have no access to electric lights, the project will provide a direct impact on the community. This will bring about a positive change in the areas with green and clean energy sans CO2 emissions.

Additionally, the installation of the solar lights will overcome issues like girl’s safety, burglary, minimize road accidents due to potholes, extend villagers working hours, protection from forest animals, and other safety concerns in the village.

Furthermore, NBF took initiatives to repair rural pathways to connect levelled roads from the home to farms.

The aim to restore the pathways was primarily to ease commuting for the villagers.


Organic Agri training center

Switching to organic farming and sustainable activities, organic training for farmers is the need of the hour. Assessing the future agricultural needs, NBF has set upon a promising and unique initiative by launching organic agricultural training centers at Bahraich district in UP. These centers are set up to demonstrate the basics of organic farming and agriculture. With not many sub-centers in India, the villages entail a center for excellency to adopt basic concepts on organic agriculture.

The villagers could learn beyond the conventional farming technologies and switch to eco-friendly techniques to bring about sustainable changes in the environment. To further the development of the farmers, they initiated holistic developments by building schools for organic learnings, delivering organic theoretical classes, and teach literature on organic farming in the local language. Experts will provide practical training classes to prepare bio inputs and soil lab testing to ensure soil nutrients. Other practical farm demonstrations include vermicast, bio inputs, SRIs (the System of Rice Intensification), drip irrigation, solar irrigation, biogas slurry, and a much-enhanced version of compost.

Through these centers, the farmers will learn about various in-hand experiences on organic farming, usage of cow dung waste in farms, and the importance of biogas slurry in the farms. Farmers unaware of user-friendly sustainable techniques like land laser leveling will also gain an insight into the importance of saving water for crop irrigation, how to increase farm yield and productivity, and boost farm produce.

Yoga Day celebration

‘Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. As a gesture to nurture the well-being of individuals and promote ‘Yoga for Wellness’ during these trying times, NBF organized centers for the International Yoga Day Celebration. They commemorated the occasion in all the projects of NBF across India. They have also extended their humble support to District Administration, Sonipat, in association with the Govt. of Haryana conduct Yoga practicing centers in 39 locations in Sonipat.

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