Nature Bio Foods stands as a synonym to organic rice. Though it is true but there is more to NBF than that meets the eye. We understand and believe that working on quality of just one product doesn’t serve our ideology rather it defeats the concept of consuming only purest so we decided to divulge into much more, by spreading our wings and increasing organic items in our catalogue to offer more nutrition .

Wild Harvested Organic Cashew Nuts

For nearly two decades we have been producing and supplying the best locally grown organic produce. In addition to broadening its organic offerings NBF has started to offer wild organic cashews grown naturally and organically in Orissa state of India.

Due to the complexity of the raw nut, the process of sorting, shelling, peeling and grading the raw cashew nut is time consuming and labour intensive. The skill and dedication of each individual farmer and employee has a significant impact on both quality and productivity within the factory.

To extend farmers knowledge, skill and professional advice our experts leave no stone unturned.

We have made a mark as a prominent cashew kernels suppliers.

Our cashews are “wild-harvested” on the virgin soil of Ganjam Forests, in our state of Orissa, India and our cashews are well graded, as per their variety.

NBF strives to bring you the freshest, healthiest and most delicious cashews while empowering local community through farming and welfare initiatives.

Cashew production & processing is a win win opportunity for our farmer’s economies and the environment. It is contributing to the land restoration and the fight against land degradation while improving the livelihood of our smallholder farmers.


Quality is not simply procured but it is a rather step by step process of achievement and excellence. A strict vigil and a strong monitoring keeps a check on quality. Our specialists ensure the same with flawless efficiency. The quality department at NBF is dedicated and determined working with steadfastness and conviction towards ensuring quality. Starting with the raw material from the farmers network are processed under the internal control system which guarantees the organic traceability of alL our products. Our quality department has been monitoring the output since the beginning of the cashews operation in order to comply with the wide range of EOS certifications such as NOP, EU,NPOP.

To maintain quality, experience amassed over years plays a vital role.

To extend farmers knowledge, skill and professional advice our experts leave no stone unturned.

METHODOLOGIES GIVE AN ESSENCE TO THEN BEGINNING AND THE END: To fulfill the standard expectations we are backed by a well maintained sub contractual storage unit. Our methodologies to inspect before the product goes out to the customers is nothing less than superlative, helping in consummating the expectation bar worldwide, before they are shipped. This is not just on paper directions but procedure that are diligently followed. A sample of the produce is sent to NBF’s competent quality team which undergoes analytic and sensory criteria's, post which they are given an approval for shipment.


From the word go, in a godown, where the cashews are stored in room temperature, to boiling them at 80-100°c for about 5-7mins. Post the procedure, they are let to cool off at room temperature, overnight, at 30-40°c. Further the cashews are cut . They are then ushered into the hot house where they are left off to cool 70-75°c for about 6 hours. After peeling , depending on their quality and variety cashews are graded. They are left to conditioning for 30-40°c for half an hour before they are sent for packing.

Packing Facility: Tin Packing, Carton Packing, Pouch Packing, Vacuum Packing; Food Safety: FSSC 22000


From growing the cashews to packing them, a multi disciplinary team is set up. They focus on developing socio-environmental actions with organic cashew producers, the plant workers, the supply chain managers, the farming technicians and the social responsibility manager. At NBF every goal is set with a mission to achieve the vision infused with strong values, powerful purpose and definitive objectives.

Our Cashew Specifications

Specifications* of all variety of Organic Cashew are as under;

Grade Designation Trade Name Colour/Characteristics Count/454 gms size description Max. Moisture% Broken Max% NLSG NLG max%
W-180 White Wholes White/pale ivory/light ash. Characteristic shape 170-180 5 5 5(NLSG & SW together)
W-210 W-210 White/pale ivory or light


200-210 5 5 5(SW & SP together)
W-240 W-240 White/pale ivory or light


220-240 5 5 5(SW & SP together)
W-320 W-320 White/pale ivory or light


300-320 5 5 5(SW & SP together)
W-450 W-450 White/pale ivory or light


400-450 5 5 5(SW & SP together)
LWP Large



White/pale ivory or light


Kernels broken

into more than

two pieces and

not passing

through 4 mesh

16 SWG



5 NIL 5(SW & SP together)


*our specification follows “The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India”

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