Organic Soybean Meal

Product Information

Organic Soybean Meal

Scientific Name – Glycine max

Marketing/trade Name- Soya Meal

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Our soybean meal is derived from organically grown, GMO-free soybeans that are mechanically processed to preserve the highest plant nutrient value.

Used for feeding poultry, swine, cattle and pet food, organic soybean meal is obtained as the by-product through soybean oil extraction. Completely non-chemical methods are used for the extraction process. As opposed to solvent-based extraction processes, our mechanical process does not involve harmful chemicals like hexane which is a carcinogen and environmental hazard.

Product Specifications

Country of Origin: India

Sensory Parameters

Appearance: Uniform Grannular Powder
Colour: Creamy
Taste: Typical, characteristic
Smell: No off odour

Physical Parameters

Protein ≤ 48%
Fat: 5 - 7%
Moisture ≤ 7%
Urease Activity ≤ 0.1 mg of N / gm / min @30°C
KOH: 75 - 85%
Fibre ≤ 7%
Sand Silica ≤ 0.5%
Lysine ≥ 2.40%
Tryspsin ≤ 15000 TIU/g

Food Safety

GMO / Radiation / Allergen: No
Pesticide Residue / Heavy Metal / Aflatoxin: As per EU / USDA Regulations
Shelf Life: 12 Months

Packaging & Storage

Packaging (SKUs): 50Kg / 1MT / 20MT Bulk in liner or as per requirement
Storage: "Soybean Meal should be stored in a cool place (preferably less than 22°C). Dry location with Humidity level less than 65%"

Acceptable For

Vegetarians: Yes
Lacto-vegetarians: Yes
Vegans: Yes
Kosher-certified: Yes
Halal-certified: Yes

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