Organic Japonica

Product Information

Organic Japonica (Indian Authentic Round Grain) Rice Flour

Scientific Name – Oryza sativa

Marketing/trade Name- Round Grain Rice/Japonica Rice Flour

Nature Bio Foods, first to grow a variety of rice in India. Japonica rice grains are rounder, thicker, and harder, compared to longer, thinner, and fluffier indica rice grains. Japonica rice is also stickier due to the higher content of amylopectin, whereas India rice starch consists of less amylopectin and more amylose.

Reasons for choosing Indian Japonica Rice:

  • Ideal for Baby Foods: This rice is grown by our farming families in the Himalayan reason of India. Naturally, it will contain a significantly low level of arsenic and other heavy metals than the same rice grown in any other part of the world. Which will eventually make this rice an ideal ingredient for baby foods.
  • Easily digestible: Amylopectin is easily digestible than amylose. Japonica contains less amylose, more of amylopectin, which makes this rice less resistant to digestion, this property makes japonica rice perfect for baby foods.
  • Suitable for Gluten-Free Baked Goods: As it can produce fine rice flour with minimal damage to grains at milling. Damaged starch during milling in this rice will be less.

Product Specifications

Country of Origin: India

Sensory parameters

Appearance: Uniform
Color: White
Taste: Characteristic
Odor: Characteristic Aroma

Physical Parameters

Gluten: Non-detectable
Moisture: 13.0%
Stones: Nil
Inorganic Arsenic: <0.1 ppm
Mesh Size: (Retention %)
300 µ: 0-5%
150 µ: 40-50%
Infestation: Nil

Food Safety

GMO/ Radiation/ Allergen: No
Pesticide residue/ Heavy Metal/ Aflatoxin: As per EU/ NPOP/NOP Norms
Shelf Life: 12 Months in a sealed pack temperature controlled environment

Packaging & Storage

Packaging: 25 Kg Paper Bag/ 50 Kg PP bag/ Big Tote Bag/ as per buyer’s requirement.
Storage: Must be stored in cool and dry area on pallets.

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We can supply Certified and Authentic Organic Japonica as per:

    NPOP Japonica
    NOP Japonica
    Fair-Trade organic Japonica
    Bio-Suisse organic Japonica
    Naturland organic Japonica

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