With the majority of govt. Agricultural-Subsidies reaching out to only large-scale farmers, India’s predominant small-scale farming communities are left in the shade. Besides the lack of support the farmers face adverse weather conditions resulting in inconsistent production forcing farmers to hike the price of their produce that is unaffordable by urban consumers.

Our Adopt-A-Farming Family concept enables urban consumers to directly help such farmers with basic needs be it, small tools, clothing, house rents or even their children’s school fee. This creates a direct relation – not only between organic food producers and consumers but also between urban and rural communities.

The “adopter” and “adopted-farmer” may interface through our website (or mobile phone for those who don’t have computers/internet). Farmers in search of help (or) “adoption” are listed on our website. Consumers looking to “adopt” may choose a family enlisted on the website (based on their preference like proximity, kind of need, produce etc.)

With large number of such consumers helping rural producers, the urban community will lighten the load on farmers in need and collectively enjoy affordable produce.