We follow stringent quality control at various steps starting from harvesting to procurement to packaging and transport.

We boast of a highly qualified and competent workforce guided by a qualified and experienced management team working towards one goal 'Total Quality Control’.

We are dedicated to agricultural techniques that focus on maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. We believe that the implementation of organic agricultural practices has helped us restore productivity and produce quality products in what was considered poor soil.

Our agriculture experts work closely with farmers to ensure production of quality organic food. Nature Bio Foods Ltd. supervises additional quality and monitoring measures at the field level and at the storageand processing facilities. Besides these measures, we constantly seek feedback from our customers and ensure timely delivery of superior quality food products. This has been possible with the help of our Research & Development centers located in various parts of the country.

To further our 'Vision', we have a State of the art rice mill technology, color sorter, metal detector and an X—Ray scanner. Also, we provide cold treatment and C02pressure treatment to protect against any kind of infestation, and thus ensuring a supply of 'good quality' organic food.